Ideas for people and markets

rfw. is one of the most experienced German agencies for public relations (PR). Since 1968 we have been supporting businesses and institutions in their public outreach and in achieving their marketing goals.
Our work sharpens our clients´ profile, lastingly enhances their dialogue with media and public, customers and employees, business partners and investors – and strengthens the confidence in their products and services.

As partner of renowned companies and associations we assist them with strategic, conceptual and technical services crucial to the development and realization of a successful communication. We don´t think in the narrow boundaries of disciplines but focus on the result – in classic media and public relations as well as in conception and implementation of integrated communication solutions which effectively deploy PR and marketing activities.

We use our comprehensive know-how, efficient ways of working and years of expertise to successfully reach our appointed targets – dedicated and reliable.

Are you looking for a good idea for your communication or a dependable partner for specific projects?

We will gladly provide our advice:

Ina Biehl-v. Richthofen

+49 6151 3990-21

Dates + Facts
rfw. in a nutshell


1968 as rfw. – redaktion für wirtschaftspublizistik by graduate economist Norbert Hirt


Since 2001: Ina Biehl-v.Richthofen and Monika Schäfer-Feil
Since 2021: Ina Biehl-v.Richthofen


Owner-managed and independent


64293 Darmstadt, Poststraße 9


Since 2021 rfw. media, Ina Biehl-v.Richthofen e.K.

2003 founded as rfw. media OHG by Ina Biehl-v.Richthofen and Monika Schäfer-Feil


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What you can expect of us

Since 1968 rfw. has been offering high-quality PR services and strategic consulting. Mandates, tasks and communication channels have changed within these five decades.

Whereas the principles we follow during our work have always remained the same. At this point we are conservative – in the best sense:


Inspired by Oscar Wilde we always want the best – of our work, for our customers. For we know we can only grow together. Therefore we are thorough in research, creative in conceptual design and efficient in realization – until we all are pleased with the result.


We do not just think the way our customers do but think outside the box, too. Always looking for the story behind it and for new ways to reach the goal. Our creativity is not just bells and whistles but a lot of focus – on the essentials.


What we do, we want to do right. A bunch of words don´t naturally make a good text, as well as individual measures don´t necessarily imply a sound strategy. Therefore at rfw. we work with experts in PR communication who have learned their trade: trained journalists and consultants with years of experience in agencies, media and companies. With a faire dose of ambition to keep learning – and the understanding that we can´t do everything. In this case we can rely on our network of experts.


We love precision. This applies to briefings, texts, concepts and designs. And surely to appointments – and the budget.


We make a point of doing a good job. We listen closely, think hard and are dedicated in the realization. In single projects as well as in overall conception. We deploy time, budget and the knowledge of our agency expediently.

Customer proximity.

We want to best position our customers and their products for relevant target groups. And we want our customers to feel optimally supported: personally in service, reliable in cooperation and with an effective result that provides them with significant benefits. After all, we want them to come back …


We work in partnership. With customers, staff members, media, partners, suppliers – and gladly also with other agencies if our customers ask us to. We communicate frankly and honestly with each other and others. Mutual understanding based on partnership enhances continuity and saves time and money.

Long-time mandates and low staff turnover are proof for this. And that´s something we are proud of.

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Strong dedication to each customer

Experts for Communication

Pros with profile

A team of experts from all areas of communication is behind rfw. Our staff has graduate degrees and profound journalistic training, combined with longtime experience in media and consulting.

Each staff member contributes specific skills and focuses. For each assignment we bundle-up this cross-sectional knowledge to build customized project teams. This is our way to make sure we best meet each customers´ demands for counseling and service.

Our customers benefit from clear structures and an efficient workflow. The low rate of staff turnover is exceptional in our business. This is also something our long time clients appreciate: Continuity saves time and costs.

Ina Biehl-v.Richthofen

Agency owner. Consulting and project lead.

Magistra Artium (M.A.). Degree in Literature, Romance studies and Bibliology.

Career start as bookseller. Journalistic training after university. Joint rfw. in 1989. Owner of rfw. and management since 2001, until 2020 with Monika Schäfer-Feil.

Member in the committee for location and area development, of the plenum of the local chamber of commerce IHK Darmstadt Rhein Main Neckar (IHK), in the steering group company responsibility of IHK, member of Press club Darmstadt and the marketing association Marketing-Club Südhessen e. V.

    +49 6151 3990-21


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What you most likely would like to know

1. What is PR good for, anyway?

PR is an important element for business success. Effective PR generates credibility and trust – and with them indispensable competitive benefits.

Base of all PR work is media relation. An editorial contribution not only is significantly cheaper than an advertisement but at the same time more credible: While ads buy space in media for advertising promise, PR has to convince critical journalists. Because a contribution will only be published or broadcast if the editor in charge is reassured that the news fit the interest of its reader, audience or viewers – and do not only serve commercial purposes.

Mid-sized companies also benefit thereof in manifold ways: They gain growing prominence, reach a positive brand image and generate ideal chances for marketing and sales initiatives.

2. Is media relations helpful for winning new customers?

In an optimum marketing mix press and media relations is a highly effective method to draw the potential customers´ attention to your offer and establish your brand.

The potential impact of press and media relations on your revenue is shown on the five pages of the scientific case study "Der Einfluss von PR auf das Kaufverhalten" by Jörg Hoepfner and Thomas Wilhelm.

3. Do you guarantee that our releases will be published? Or that a certain number of journalists will attend our press conferences?

Editors are not corruptible. That´s the foundation for the credibility of respectable media and a free press that we all appreciate. For the success of a press release and the organization of a press conference there is one crucial factor: the news value for the media. If news are really interesting, a respective response of the journalists can be reckoned with.

rfw. will spare no effort to position you in the media: We provide comprehensive consultation, look for the story in your company and a suitable hook for your topic. In case you commission us with a press release, we do our job as trained editors, give your text the right form and distribute it through our thoroughly researched press mailing list and our contacts.

4. Is rfw. specialized in certain communication fields or are you PR all-rounders?

We are PR all-rounders with professional specialties. Our agency covers three fields of PR competence: Corporate communication, marketing communication and internal communication. Besides the consulting we deliver solid services in the fields of press and media relations, corporate publishing, internet and online marketing as well as events and trade fairs.

5. How good do you know our sector?

During its 50 years on the market rfw. has been taking on PR tasks from almost any sector. Our special focus is on these areas:

  • Building, Real estate, Lighting

  • Technology, IT, Industry, Trade

  • Education, Social issues, Law

  • Location marketing, Tourism, Art

  • Consumer, Healthcare

Our intern project management ensures that the responsible consultants and editors have access to the latest key studies and developments in the sector as well as case studies.

6. Is rfw. a solid partner?

rfw. has been self-financed 100 % ever since its establishment in 1968. In every single year the agency has performed profitably. As an owner-managed agency we stand for independence and are solely obligated to the success of our customers.

Our team is small enough to even realize smaller PR project profitably – and large enough to oversee demanding projects reliably.

7. Can you help and react at short notice?

We are able to react quickly. If necessary, we can provide consultation time within a few hours, develop solutions for critical issues and serve the media.

8. What does full-service agency mean?

Full service means we can do all work that is relevant for a PR project – from research, conception and planning to organization, realization and success monitoring.

9. How close are you to the media?

We are well versed in the daily press, the business media, consumer and online media. We also maintain good contact to specialist and special interest media, especially in the fields of electrical and security installations, construction and housing as well as healthcare and consumer goods. Our customers can rely on well maintained distribution lists – differentiated by industries.

10. From which point on do you charge for your cooperation?

Of course, the first contact meeting with our agency is free of charge – as well as quotations. We offer concept workshops and a subsequent concept for an attractive flat rate. We gladly participate in pitch presentations, as long as the conditions are fair.

11. How do you invoice your PR services?

We distinguish between single projects and permanent mandates. For latter with regular consultation and service we usually agree upon a partial payment with twelve equal installments, a so called "retainer".

All effective hours for projects are recorded and accounted for according to the fee agreement on a monthly base or after the project is finished. Expenses for telecommunication, copies, rides, etc. will be charged for separately – optionally as a lump sum or listed individually.

12. Do you also work for a flat fee?

On customer request we are also willing to arrange a flat-fee for precisely identified services – like creation and production of an annual report or the realization of a multi-step mailing.

13. Do you guarantee not to work for one of our direct competitors at the same time? And how about confidentiality?

For permanent mandates with a respective service contract we gladly give our customers a written warranty that we will not work for a competitor during our cooperation.

Confidentiality is of utmost importance for a PR agency and is put in writing not only in our staffs contracts but upon request of our customers also in the cooperation with additional service providers.

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